SP's Military Yearbook

SP's Military Yearbook

SP Guide Publications' first and rather flagship publication, the Military Yearbook was launched in 1965 and rechristened as SP's Military Yearbook in 1992, as a tribute to the Founder Editor Shri S.P. Baranwal who founded the company in 1964.

Today the Yearbook is regarded and termed as Bible of information on the armed forces in the context of entire Asia and the defence industry world over.




Dr G. Satheesh Reddy
Chairman, DRDO and Secretary Department of Defence R&D

Dr. G Satheesh Reddy took over the charge of Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, DRDO on August 27, 2018.

Dr G Satheesh Reddy is one of the renowned experts in Navigation and Avionics technologies. He joined DRDO in 1986 and led the Conceptualization, Design, Development and productionisation of Inertial Sensors, Navigation schemes, Algorithms & Systems, Calibration methodologies, Sensor Models, Simulation along with development of Satellite Navigation Receivers and Hybrid Navigation Systems. Under his leadership, advanced products and varieties of Avionics systems have been produced and successfully flight tested in strategic programmes of the country. As Project Director, Dr Reddy led the design and development of Ring Laser Gyro based INS System, MEMS based INS System, Sea-Guard Reference System and Ship Navigation system strengthening the country’s self-reliance in high accuracy and long range navigation and also successfully developed a 1000 kg class guided bomb.

As Director RCI, he led the development of Avionics technologies in critical areas of Inertial Systems, Embedded Computers, Control, Real Time Software and Simulation, Power Supplies, RPF, Seekers, Antennae, Flight Instrumentation for various Defence programme – Agni A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, Prithvi, Dhanush, Astra, Akash, underwater missiles, BrahMos, Nirbhay, Helina, Nag, MRSAM, Programme AD – PDV interceptor, Two stage Ship Launched Target, AAD and other defence programmes. Dr Reddy spearheaded a number of Technology Development, Mission Mode, S&T projects delivering variety of Systems to multiple Projects in different capacities. He led the development and production of GPS+GLONASS+GAGAN on Module (G3OM) receiver and System on Chip (SoC) bringing in quantum jump in miniaturization of Onboard Avionics. He also led the development of IIR Seeker for anti tank and long range BMD applications and played a crucial role in development of high accuracy accelerometers for the long range precision Navigation.

Dr Reddy graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU, Anantapur and received his MS & Doctorate from JNTU, Hyderabad. He is a Fellow of various Academies and Institutes like the Indian National Academy of Engineering, Royal Institute of Navigation London, Royal Aeronautical Society London and a Senior Member of many other professional/scientific bodies in the country and abroad. He has been awarded Full Member Diploma and inducted as a Foreign Member of the Academy of Navigation & Motion Control, Russia and is an Associate Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, USA (AFAIAA). In recognition of his distinguished contributions, Computer Society of India conferred on him the Honorary Fellowship (HFCSI). He is also an Honorary Member of ACDOS and a national member of IFAC Austria.

Dr Reddy is a recipient of several prestigious awards which includes the Indian Science Congress Association Homi J. Bhabha Memorial Award, DRDO Young Scientist Award, Agni Award for Excellence in Self Reliance, DRDO Scientist of the Year Award etc. He is a Member of the Governing Council/Academic Senate of reputed academic institutes.